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New wall upholstery products are available for installing for wall upholstery in residential. Slim, flexible, these unique tracks work beautifully around the home.


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Professional like upholsterers, drapery workrooms have finally the resource for getting all the necessary supplies.
CleanEdgeSystem.com has a simple line of products to install the perfect clean edge wall upholstery. In the website you are able to find the following products; tracks and tools.
If you wish to learn more on this clean edge finish, go online and view many example of interiors. You will be amazed at the result. First, lets look at the unique track.

 Fabric track systems

CLEAN EDGE SYSTEM is an exclusive wall upholstery track CES (clean edge system).
The track is only a quarter-inch projection. It remains the slimmest wall upholstery track system on the market today. The fabric is remarkably stretched on all sides with clean edge  all around the frames.

In which situation do I need an angle bracket ?
An angle bracket is needed to rectify an unexpected problem due to an inadequate framing. The L shaped bracket fits under a CES track.

COMPENSATION STICK serves as a guide to all outside corners. Making a straight and vertical line against uneven edges. The purpose of a compensation stick is to give a good support to the fabric where two walls form an external angle.

Hand tools

One of the principle small tool to have in your tool box is the cutter. This track cutter tool is strongly built and offers 3 great features.
Without a doubt it is one of the best hand cutter making precision miter cuts. The company recommends it for cutting the wall upholstery tracks. You will use it all day without any pain.

Next tools are the spatulas.
For fitting the fabric into the CES Clean Edge System use a metal spatula. For tight space and narrow angle, there is a bay leaf spatula. Lastly, for delicate paint or door frames, gilded door, ceiling and windows select a plastic spatula.

Another product has been recently added. It is called the speed roller. A fast fabric tucking working only in the straight line.

To see theses special tracks and tools, visit the website CleanEdgeSystem.com. Read about each product. How to use it, and where and when a particular tool is needed.

Do you wish to change your method of fabric installation? Do you want great result and very happy clients? Then, try the Clean Edge System.

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