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“I have a loft with a lot of concrete, large slabs are covering the floors, walls and ceilings. The sound is not great at all.

The main living area is an open space that includes the kitchen/dining area, my office and the sitting room. I recently had some work done to reduce the noise such as the installation of a bamboo floor. Also, all of the square concrete pillars around the room including the corridor leading to the bedrooms are now wrapped with big wood panels.

I still would like to warm up the living room and the bedrooms with fabric and at the same time reduce the echo issue. What can you do? “ Said a future client to me over the phone.

After meeting we suggested starting in the master bedroom. An 18ft x 18ft room with a window taking the entire wall on one side with a great view to the city.

On the wall behind the bed, about 2 feet down from the ceiling, L.E.D. lights runs across the wall and an L shape board directs the light upwards. The king size bed has a large wood headboard stretching over each side of the bed with built in shelves at each end.

back wall before the installation of the fabric

Bare wall before the installation


For this bedroom, we agreed on wall upholstery behind the bed and decided to make padded fabric panels stretching from one side to the other. The carpenters build a 6-inch frame stained in dark around that wall. The wall was divided in 4 vertical sections of 50-inch wide panel.

Clean edge system on the wall

C.E.S for Clean Edge System



These shots show the wall divided into 4 sections made with CES (clean edge system). A white track, only 1/4 inch in thickness.

CES around the room

Panel by the window






We attached a foam padding to create a thick 1 -1/2 inch thick cushioned panel and place the linen light grey fabric.

Installation of the fabric

Installation of the fabric








The great advantage of using the C.E.S(Clean Edge System). track is that we kept a clean contemporary finish on the wall. No braid or decorative trimming were used around the edges.

4 fabric panels in a bedroom .JPG

panels upholstered


fabric panels in bedroom

Fabric panels finished

After the installation, we could hear a big difference in the sound;

the room was quieter and fabric warmed up the space.


Fabric wall behind a bed.JPG

Job done!









To reduce the noise in the main living area that includes kitchen, dining and sitting room, we decided to have fabric on the ceiling over the sitting area. Like in the master bedroom, we added a border of 6 inches wood framing around a surface of about 22 x 22 feet. Acoustical fiberboard of 1-inch thickness were placed and the fabric was stretched into panels the size on the concrete slabs, which were 35 x 56”. The color chosen was a light grey to keep neutral as other bright colors were already used in wall arts, including runners and occasional carpet on the floor.


large fabric panels on celing

Fabric panels on the ceiling over the sitting area.


By just treating the ceiling, the difference in the acoustic is amazing. It is now very pleasant to watch movies and have parties of several people in the loft.

If you have an sound problem try fabric a sound barrier. And you should consider adding a layer of acoustical fiberboard behind the fabric.





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