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For several months, I have sent an e card to my network connection/clients/friends showing the picture of the month on wall upholstery. This picture represents a room with fabric on walls. The choice is made according to the difficulty of the work to performed, the fabric used and/or the uniqueness of the space.

I promised my contacts who wanted to know more about it, that I will talk more about this project very soon. Also, I admit my frustration in selecting just one picture as they are so many that I would like to show. So my problem is now solved; I am going to write on this project.

Last fall, a lovely couple contacted me about a desperate situation they were in.  A pipe burst on the second floor in their home letting the water run through the ceiling and along the walls of the room just below. This space had wall upholstery, a plain grey fabric with double welt around all the edges.

fabric on walls with w

fabric on walls with water damage

After consulting with their insurance, the ceiling of two rooms needed to be re-plastered, fresh coats of paint on ceiling and all wood frames, the floor sanding and re-stained, finely the walls needed new fabric wall coverings. All that before Christmas,  please!

The couple started to look by themselves for an upholstery company qualified to do the walls in the entrance hall as the insurance had no idea of whom to contact. Thank you internet and thank you website! This is how they found me or us.

The work consisted of the removal of the damaged wall upholstery by stripping it down and redoing the complete room from scratch. Before making a bid for the insurance company, my future client and I started to select a number of fabric samples suitable to replace the original. We knew it was impossible to find the same one as it was rather old and already there when they bought the house. With this unfortunate frustrating incident, my client had a great opportunity: get on a new decor in the side entrance hall of her beautiful historical home in Texas. After narrowing the fabric number down to one, the perfect choice was made with a linen print in very soft colors.

fabric walls installed by VE THOMAN

New fabric installed

Fabric from the manufacturer Stroheim: Light blue background with several shades of beige for the flowers and leaves.

Stroheim fabric on walls installed by VETHOMAN

As you can see the door frames have very nice details at each top end corner. In total 5 doors, 1 window, a set of stairs with a ceiling height of 11 feet.

fabric on walls installed by VE Thoman

Pretty detail at the top of each door frame

Detail of the fabric close to the molding

Bottom of the stairs.

Fabric on walls in hall by VE THOMAN

View to door at top of stairs.

The fitting technique used was very different from the original. A Clean Edge System or C.E.S. was fitted around all the frame-work which allowed us to fit the fabric right against it. With this technique no decorative trimmings was necessary. A simple and perfectly clean finish that my clients loved. No extra welt or braid which can be sometimes too heavy and fancy looking.

Fabric walls intalled with clean edge system by VETHOMAN

Detail of the fabric fitted against the molding: NO WELT OR BRAID

 Last picture for today is the wall opposite to the stairs with a tall narrow window. If you have enjoyed this let me know. I will write about each picture of the month on wall upholstery in this blog.

See you soon.

Entrance hall with Stroheim fabric installed by VETHOMAN of Texas

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